Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a video? According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. The possibilities of what your business can communicate using that many words are endless, and it’s time to make them a reality.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable way to boost your real estate business, you should train your focus on video marketing. Selling properties is incredibly dependent on optics, which video marketing capitalizes and translates into gorgeous visuals. Buyers have a better chance of connecting with a house, netting you another sale.

However, video marketing isn’t something you can learn overnight. Here are some tips to help you create exciting video content that will improve sales and find more success in your real estate business:

Create a Narrative

Diving into video marketing is more than just showing short clips that pan the property. You’ll have to tell a compelling story about the property and focus on communicating what you think is on the homebuyer’s mind. Determine the emotions you want your clients to feel and design your video accordingly. 

Do you want to sell a fixer-upper with boundless potential? Or do you want to promote the sought-after stability of an affordable home for excited first-time buyers? Use these prompts and draw up a list of visuals and topics that will create a narrative. Your buyers will be more inclined to purchase when you frame your property as the last puzzle piece in their residential dreams. 

Sell the Experience

Although static images are known to create powerful feelings in people, video marketing takes this to the next level. Although you’re selling a house with a two-car garage and a swimming pool, that’s not the precise reason your client is buying it. They’re choosing a home that they can imagine enjoying family gatherings, holiday parties, and fun summer activities with their loved ones. Sell that experience with your videos, and you’ll make big bucks fast. 

Emphasize the Home’s Uniqueness

Real estate agents know what makes a property so special, allowing them to sell it accordingly. Whether it’s gleaming marble countertops in the kitchen, a generously-sized bathtub, or a comfortable reading nook, these unique characteristics are sometimes what seals the deal for specific clients.

Emphasize these unique features even more through your videos. Try to focus on the house’s memorable design aspects instead of merely giving a walking tour wherein the client might not know where to look. Spotlighting these qualities can tip the scales in your favor, encouraging the client to purchase.

Choose the Right Music

Even if you’ve captured all the most attractive property angles, it can easily fall flat without the appropriate background music. Your music selection is crucial to telling the story you want to sell to your clients, so choose the proper accompaniment with your homebuyer in mind. It will also make it easier to evoke the desired emotions that nudge the client towards buying the property.

Invest in Video Production

Producing the highest quality videos means having the right equipment. However, that also means hiring an in-house videographer to take care of all your video marketing needs, and the costs can add up rather quickly.

Instead, invest in hiring a video production company that already has access to such equipment. They know the tips and tricks to make your videos look gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing while remaining professional and credible. With their help, you can even create virtual reality videos, which allow prospective homebuyers to have a more memorable experience of the property.


Selling properties is a highly visual experience, and you want to communicate that in the most effective way possible to your clients. Fortunately, video marketing makes your properties more accessible to a broader range of clients, allowing you to connect a home to the perfect buyer. With these tips, your real estate listings will fly off the market in the blink of an eye. 

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