Building a digital marketing agency largely involves two main challenges. First, what can you do to provide your clients with strategies that deliver tangible results? And next, how do you do the same thing for your own business so you can attract new clients?

In the last few years, there’s a type of marketing content that has been gaining tremendous popularity: video. Online consumers enjoy consuming video content more than any other form of media, so marketing agencies are expected to keep up with this trend and deliver. In fact, by 2022, video content will likely take up 82 percent of internet traffic, something you cannot ignore.

What can producing videos do for your marketing services? Here are four beneficial things you shouldn’t dare miss.

1. Make a Good Impression 

When businesses search for marketing agencies to partner up with, they do thorough research first. Ultimately, your goal is to impress them, and what better way to do it than with high-quality video services? Videos can help you showcase your skills, specialties, and your strategic marketing approach.

These things matter a lot to impress your potential clients, but above all of these, showing them your videos also gives them a taste of your technical skills and the type of videos you can create.

2. Rake in Better Results for Your Clients

No matter what type of marketing services you provide, the goal lies in bringing results and leading your clients closer to their goals. If your clients do not see the results, they won’t stick around, and they might opt for another service instead.

This is where you can make use of video: make a difference and set yourself apart from your competitors. Videos can help you conquer newer marketing channels and improve your clients’ bottom line.

3. Open Your Doors to New Services

For long-term business growth and revenue, you can leverage video to get more clients as you dive into a new type of service. Yes, you are expected to offer SEO services, social media management, or paid-per-click advertising as a full-service digital marketing agency. But, you can go beyond expectations by adding content marketing through video on your full plate.

For instance, by adding attractive videos to your PPC and SEO campaigns, you significantly improve the packages that you offer. But aside from making it as an added value for your current services, you can also opt to make video marketing a standalone service of its own. Many companies want to create professionally done videos, and offering this service as a separate option will be a new and healthy revenue stream for your digital marketing company.

4. Level up Your SEO Performance

Finally, offering video marketing services can boost your brand visibility. According to some studies, websites are 53 times more likely to reach Google’s first page results if they have videos.

By offering these services, you can put up your video portfolio on your company website. You can add videos to your home page, blog pages, or case studies page. This simple addition will boost your SERP results, as videos attract more attention and traffic from search engine users.

Final Thoughts

Videos can take your digital marketing agency to a whole new level, as they can bring in a new client base, build your credibility, and establish long-term relationships with your clientele. 

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