In the world of video marketing, the rule of thumb is to keep most videos shorter than two minutes. But since platforms and contents are ever-evolving, you might consider creating even shorter videos. This is especially important because of the rapid rise of Instagram and TikTok. 

You should also consider producing shorter videos because completion rates, an important metric, are higher on more concise content. However, making your content as short as possible to improve your videos’ completion rate can negatively affect your videos. To determine your marketing video’s ideal length, feel free to use this article as your guide.

Are Shorter Videos Always Better?

Many platforms became popular because they are specifically designed to cater to short-form videos. These video apps increased the maximum runtime to give users more content options and more room to create. These “snackable” types of videos are ideal since people now have a shorter attention span due to visual distractions, such as clickable ads and comments. 

Short-form videos also give you the chance to create relatable content that is straight to the point. If you decide to produce this type of video, appealing to your target audience’s emotions is advisable to keep them engaged and interested within a short time.

Are Long-Form Videos Now Ineffective?

Short-form videos and their platforms are getting a lot of attention nowadays, but that does not mean long-form ones are less effective. In fact, Facebook’s video best practices checklist states that it’s a myth that only short videos work well on the platform. No matter the video’s length, it can resonate with the audience as long as the length makes sense for the content and encourages viewers to keep watching and returning for more. 

Facebook also advises that videos longer than three minutes are most effective, with the platform’s algorithm favoring content that holds viewers’ attention for at least one minute.

In addition, according to Social Insider, the optimal length of a Facebook video is 2-5 minutes. The study also found that longer videos of up to 20 minutes are just as engaging as those running only 2-5 minutes. It’s a pattern associated with pages having fewer than 10,000 fans.

Short-Form or Long-Form Video: Which Is Better?

When it comes to videos, the runtime is not the factor that determines their effectiveness—it is attention. What really matters is how long your target audience watches your video. Your viewers will remain engaged only if you provide them with value.

The best way to encourage your audience to keep watching is to make them curious and engaged. To ensure your videos do a better job of holding their attention, connect with a trusted video production company. This way, you are assured that your content is high-quality.


The runtime may seem crucial for creating marketing videos, but the truth is that you just have to make sure that you produce content that keeps viewers engaged. Since they no longer tolerate watching videos that fail to attract and hold their attention, it’s best to partner with a reputable video marketing agency like ours to create videos that captivate, encourage initiative, and deliver results.

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