At some point, you may have to ask yourself, just how wide is your content’s reach? In the digital marketing world today, this is everything. 

Marketers zero in on how they can get their content to reach as many people as possible. After all, more views mean more leads—and the end goal is to get more customers. While optimizing your reach is crucial, it is not the only thing that will get your audience to take action. 

How your audience relates to your content is a significant determinant of whether they will take action. Even if your video gets a million views, it won’t matter if it doesn’t resonate with who’s watching. They won’t follow through or remember your brand, especially if you aren’t able to establish that sense of meaning. After all, in this effort, forming a connection with your audience actually does matter!

How, then, can you make sure that your content matters to its viewers? To answer that better, here are five essential video marketing tips to help your content resonate better with your audience:

1. Tell a story

Weaving together a well-crafted narrative will give your audience a story that they will remember. It captures their attention, giving them the information they need in a more digestible format and helping them relate to you and your brand. Stories allow your audience to connect with you as you share the emotions you wish to convey with them. This relationship is very powerful and can really drive the message home!

2. Evoke positive emotions

Think of this: what drives human behavior? If you think the answer is “logic,” then you might be surprised to find that it is actually our “emotions;” logic only justifies our behavior after the fact! 

In marketing, it’s very much the same way. In the same way that people will choose companions who will make them feel better, they will also choose brands that make them feel a certain way. The best way to get your videos to resonate with your audiences is by fostering warm, positive feelings. Try to avoid negative emotions to really get your audience to latch on to your brand!

3. Create a hook

Creating a compelling and positive story is one thing, but first, you need to grab the viewer’s attention. An intriguing title will draw your viewers in, but you also need a hook to hold your audience’s attention during the first three seconds of the video. 

Videos can incorporate effective hooks by creating visually engaging content. This should show a preview of the video and establish its main message. Hooks help grab the attention of your audience and generate interest for the rest of the video!

4. Be a visual storyteller

Simply put, a good visual storyteller lets the audience understand concepts and data easily. They use all the aspects of video production at their disposal, such as subtitles, dynamic graphics, transitions, composition, and even use other footage to supplement their own. By doing this, the viewer can listen to your core message while watching a visual representation of it!

5. Don’t forget the power of sound

Choosing the right soundtrack to go with your video can make all the difference between being enjoyable and being dead-to-rights boring. Sound complements the visuals in your video by reinforcing the message and emotions that you want to convey to your audience. Choosing the right music can drive those feelings home, making a greater impact for your audience. 


With these five essential video marketing tips, you’ve got your bases covered. Ultimately, however, how you tell your business’ story through video will be entirely up to you! No matter what industry you’re in, by utilizing your own unique style, you’ll be able to connect with your audience—a connection that will hopefully lead to a flourishing business!

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