Videos have played an integral role in many industries, especially in marketing. It has proven to be effective, attracting audiences to different businesses and thereby boosting sales.

That said, some businesses out there have shown to benefit immensely from such a marketing strategy. Others, however, might not observe as remarkable a result. Despite this, video marketing is still an extremely effective way to attract new customers.

Wondering whether or not your business needs to implement a video marketing strategy? Well, if you fall into one of the following industries, then we highly recommend that you do.

1. Education

In the world of education, institutions need to show how exactly they can help shape an individual’s future. To do this, plenty of content must be offered, whether written or visual in nature.

While a video itself will not be the only medium through which these institutions will use to market what they have to offer, it can act as an excellent way to encourage people to take the first step. After all, a journey begins with a step, and videos help people to take the first one. Put simply, it attracts people to learn more about what the institution is all about, motivating them to inquire and possibly enroll.

2. Hospitality

Videos are essentially a series of multiple images that take turns popping up on the screen, creating a sense of motion. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million!

This is extremely important, especially in the world of hotels, resorts, and similar establishments. While written content and photos are both valid, videos bring these scenes straight to life and make them even more relatable. It can showcase the location of a place—its beauty and all. This can be the deciding factor that convinces a customer to book a hotel over another.

3. E-Commerce

There is one problem that e-commerce must overcome: to showcase their products in the most realistic way possible. In other words, since everything is digital, the experience of personally handling an item like anyone would do in a brick-and-mortar store is missing.

With videos, this shortcoming is overcome to a certain extent. The video can pan around the item, showcasing its details and even showing how it is used in the real world. This type of presentation makes it extremely likely for that item to be bought versus another item that might offer the same features but only has images or written content to explain what it is.

4. Finance

Financial institutions are built on trust, but it can be extremely tough for anyone to build that trust through merely text and pictures. Unfortunately, it would be unrealistic for these types of businesses to send representatives to every potential client.

The answer to fix this problem would be through videos. Video with contents such as “about us” and client testimonials help build that priceless relationship and trust between customers and business. In other words, when a company feels more real and relatable, it becomes more trustworthy.


If you fall in any of these industries, you need to have a video marketing setup if you want to compete in the market. That said, even if you are not working in these fields, video marketing is still a good idea. It gives you the competitive edge you need to be successful. With all the marketing benefits that videos provide, such as enhancing engagement with customers, this type of marketing is one you can not ignore.

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