Today, it’s no secret that businesses that use B2B marketing to their advantage heavily rely on the presence and use of LinkedIn in their strategies to achieve desirable results.

Whether you’re a marketer with a client that needs a boost in results or an entrepreneur who wants to maximise the market opportunities, the platform in question will be best suited for your needs. In fact, when it comes to the whole idea of lead generation, using LinkedIn is a non-negotiable because of how decisive it is in today’s marketing landscape!

By now, you’ve probably understood that the platform is packed with more than half a billion users, all in search of opportunities to network and thrive. Considering that it is easy and possible to reach anyone regardless of their location or industry, you may feel that the opportunities are endless when you use the platform right. While there is a whole lot that you may know about when it comes to LinkedIn and what it can achieve, there’s one idea that might not be so clear: Increasing your reach.

Strategies worth considering

Apart from leads, reach numbers are one of the most critical figures that anyone using LinkedIn should focus on because of how they’re correlated with getting the best results possible. As you understand the platform’s inner workings and use the right tools and practices, you’ll quickly realise that success and conversions directly relate to the number of users you reach. However, the question now boils down to actually taking the right steps to get the biggest reach possible—a task whose impact can spread over to an international scale.

Thankfully, getting the right results possible doesn’t necessarily need to be a trial-and-error effort because following these three tips will go a long way:

1. Constant profile optimisation

If you want to improve your shot at converting and raking in the right results for higher reach numbers, then you’ll first need to start working on your LinkedIn profile.

The key fact that many often overlook is that posts and profiles only get as much of a reach as they should when users are genuinely interested in them. It may seem overly simplistic at first, but treating your profile as a landing page and doing all that you can to optimise it will almost always result in more shares and bigger reach figures.

Here are some of the different ways that you can reach more people on LinkedIn through profile optimisation:

  • Choosing a professional profile picture (one which will attract clients because it presents you as a trustworthy professional)
  • Writing a captivating profile tagline instead of just putting your speciality or job title
  • Drafting and uploading a personalised summary that briefly describes what you do and what you’ve achieved—just enough to convince any viewer to start working with you

2. Number play

When it comes to attracting attention and reeling in a bigger reach for your profile and posts, you must play around with what intrigues LinkedIn users the most. Well, it just so happens that most profiles and users on the platform have a penchant for numbers.

In terms of numbers, the main gist to watch out for is that users and potential connections rely on them to properly gauge what a professional can bring to the table. Compared to mere words alone, using figures, charts, statistics, and reports will help you deliver a more streamlined answer to the question of “why should I work with you”—one which is easy to share to even more people!

3. Rubbing salt in the wound

Although traditionalists opt to follow more conservative approaches when marketing for results, the truth is that nothing gets more reach figures than genuine intrigue—something that can be invoked with the use of pain points.

Compared to campaigns that simply emphasise on services or happy customers, efforts that seek to address pain points and use them strategically present a more “irresistible” and personable experience. Once you use pain points to your advantage in your posts, outreach messages, and profile content, you’ll get to invoke the right amount of intrigue that will help you clinch some much-needed exposure!


While many B2B marketers focus on generating leads when they use LinkedIn, this shouldn’t take away from the fact that reach figures are also critical to cultivate as best as possible. Through the help of the three strategies mentioned above, you’ll be able to rake in the right results and reach out to a larger number of people in no time!

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